College and University Programs

Ed’s keynotes, workshops, and leadership trainings are perfect for:

  • Orientation & First Year Programs
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Fraternity and Sorority Events
  • Student-Athlete Programming
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness Programs
  • Senior Year Transition Programs
  • Accepted Student & Parent Events
  • Residential Education/Orientation Leader Training
  • Customized Leadership Trainings

Orientation & First Year Program
Title: “College Crossroads: Finding Your Way to a Successful First Year”

Ed’s high-energy, humorous, and interactive one-hour keynote is guaranteed to complement your comprehensive orientation program. Ed directly addresses the issues that first year students encounter including: personal responsibility, respect, drugs and alcohol, scholarship, balance, leadership, getting involved and making a difference.

Outcomes of Ed’s program for first year students include:

  • A sense of belonging to the incoming class and campus community
  • New awareness of respect and responsibility for choices and the impact on others
  • Motivation to excel in academics and co-curricular activities
  • Inspiration to take on the challenges ahead and get involved
  • Ideas and strategies to make the first year in college a success

Leadership Conferences
Title: “Making Your Mark: Leadership Principles to Meet the Challenge”

In this one-hour keynote Ed shares his personal experiences, insights, and real life examples to teach the principles that are essential to being a leader.

Outcomes of Ed’s Leadership program include:

  • iStock_000016174337SmallAction steps to living the four principles of leadership
  • Specific strategies to maintain a positive attitude during the changes and challenges of being a leader
  • Keys to setting and attaining personal and professional goals
  • Ideas on how to make an impact as a leader and inspire others

Student Athlete Program
Title: “Playing Big in the Game of Life”

What does it take to be a successful student-athlete today? How do you effectively balance your role as a leader on and off the field? What can you do to deal with the challenges and pressures you face each day? How can you take your experience as a student athlete to the real world?

In this powerful, one-hour program Ed will address the issues that relate directly to student athletes including: respect, responsibility, leading by example, attitude, alcohol, drugs, relationships, communication, dealing with setbacks, and being a positive change on campus and in the world.

Outcomes of Ed’s Student Athlete Program include:

  • American football player conceptNew awareness of respect and responsibility for choices and the impact on others
  • Keys to setting and attaining personal and athletic goals
  • Specific strategies to take your attitude to the next level
  • Inspiration to lead by example and to take your student athlete experience into the real world

Senior Year Transition Program
Title: “Your Future after College”

In this 90-minute interactive program, Ed teaches graduating students the skills that will empower them to successfully make the transition from their senior year to life after college. What can students do to set themselves apart when they are job searching, interviewing, networking, and building relationships beyond college?

Outcomes of Ed’s Senior Year Transition Program include:

  • Five important communication techniques for success
  • Keys to setting and attaining personal and career goals
  • Real life practices that are sure ways to strengthen personal and professional relationships
  • How to produce powerful results in interviews and meetings